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LRG Press Helps Defeat Amazon in ‘David versus Goliath’ publishing Battle

In 2008 when attempted to establish a global monopoly designed to seize control of the world's Print-On-Demand publishing business, the Long Riders' Guild Press led a trans-Atlantic battle against the internet book-selling giant. To enforce this insidious crusade, any publisher who resisted Amazon's brutal offer to capitulate was punished by having their titles' "Buy Buttons" removed. One publisher alone had 70,000 books sabotaged in this manner. Such ruthless tactics frightened many publishers into reluctantly agreeing to participate in this act of corporate coercion.

The Long Riders’ Guild Press fought back. The Guild released an editorial entitled “In Defense of Literary Liberty,” helped organize a boycott of Amazon in Britain, issued a warning entitled “The Blood of Books” and supported the class action lawsuit filed by the publishing company, In a private email, BookLocker spokeswoman, Angela Hoy, contacted the Long Riders’ Guild Press to announce that in a stunning legal reversal Amazon had been defeated and agreed to an out-of-court settlement.

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