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Amazon defeated by independent POD Publishers

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In an astonishing case of David defeating Goliath, a small independent North American Print-On-Demand publishing company has defeated the Amazon corporation in a stunning legal battle.

The Seattle-based behemoth attempted to establish a literary monopoly in April, 2008 by forcing publishers to allow Amazon to print their POD books. In order to enforce corporate compliance, many publishers who refused had the “buy buttons” on their titles disabled within the Amazon system. Such ruthless tactics quickly frightened many publishers into reluctantly agreeing to participate in this unprecedented act of corporate coercion.

The Long Riders’ Guild Press fought back.

We composed an editorial entitled “In Defense of Literary Liberty,” which was published on both sides of the Atlantic, then helped organize a boycott of Amazon in Britain. Additionally, we sent letters to a wide variety of public officials, including Thomas O. Barnett, Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust, US Department of Justice, requesting that he use the authority of his office to help the book writers, publishers and readers of America ascertain if the nation's monopoly laws have been violated by Amazon. Most importantly, the LRG Press joined the class action lawsuit filed by the publishing company,

As expected, Amazon attempted to derail the class action suit in court. Yet despite the corporation’s millions, in this case the American judicial system did indeed protect the “little guys.” Amazon’s first set-back occurred in August, 2009 when a U.S. federal judge denied the corporation’s motion to dismiss BookLocker’s antitrust lawsuit. Then earlier today they threw in the towel.

In a private email, BookLocker spokeswoman, Angela Hoy, contacted the Long Riders’ Guild Press to announce that, in a stunning legal reversal, the Seattle corporation had agreed to an out-of-court settlement.

“We didn’t do this for the money. We did it to make Amazon understand that covert efforts aimed at forcing POD publishers to pay Amazon / BookSurge (now Createspace) to print their books is not the way responsible corporate citizens should act. By getting Amazon to rescind their pay-us-to-print-your-books-or-else policy, we believe BookLocker’s lawsuit achieved its goal,” Hoy said in a published statement.

The POD publisher went on to acknowledge the essential tactical support provided by the Long Riders' Guild Press.

"Thank you so much, CuChullaine and Basha.  We are certain that the public pressure Amazon experienced played a part in their decision to finally rescind their ridiculous policy."

Read the details of how BookLocker called Amazon’s bluff.

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