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The World Responds to Amazon’s Threat to American Publishers

 Austria, Brazil, England, France, Holland, New Zealand & the United States share their thoughts on Amazon

This is becoming a very serious threat to the book trade and I have passed the news on to various parties where I hope they will take up the fight.
Michael Berry - Publisher, The UK Bookdealer magazine. (England)

What horrible, horrible news ! Because this also concerns Europe, I will send the info about Amazon's attack to Dutch writing associations, literature magazines, newspapers and political parties, as well as the Dutch former Minister of State who is now head of the European Antitrust Division, asking all of them to act.
Arita Baaijens - Author, Desert Songs, a woman explorer in Egypt and Sudan.

The news about Amazon has gone out to several hundred people from my computer.
Antoinette Moat - Author, On Two Fronts. (England)

I am struck by the absolute arrogance and audacity of Amazon. It seems impossible that they can get away with such high-handed behaviour.
Gail Snedeker - Classic Travel Books reader. (England)

This company is horrible. I didn't realize they were trying to monopolize the publishing industry.  In addition to undercutting authors and selling used books alongside new, Amazon is now adding another string to their bow of evil. They also sell The Feathered Warrior, which is a cockfighting magazine.
Sharon Biggs - Journalist. (United States)

I am forwarding the information about Amazon to the Brazilian press.
Bjarke Rink - Author, The Centaur Legacy. (Brazil)

Since when has Amazon become the arbiter of taste and intellect? It seems like a metaphor for what's happening, corporately and internationally in today's world, i.e. the mass "dumbing down" of beauty, and individual endeavour. This is a most egregious form of dictatorship, and I hope this potential reduction of both information and quality of life, will be roundly protested.
A. Winslow - Horse Travel Books reader. (United States)

Well, I won't be ordering anything from Amazon again, unless they change their tune.
Dr. Juti Winchester - Museum Curator and Scholar.  (United States)

I am really sorry to hear that Amazon are behaving so badly. I wonder why such a successful company has to be this way? It seems extraordinary. I have posted the news onto quite a lot of people, including South America.
Fiona Evans - Classic Travel Books reader. (England)

We must stand up against the likes of Amazon and their blinkered, profit-driven activities, which really seem to have less to do with books and more to do with the West's obsession with reinventing everything, whether its defunct or not. It's a horrible commercial cycle we seem to be in and it saps all individuality, identity, and originality. So I wish The Long Riders' Guild Press well with the fight. We are with you.
Duncan J.D. Smith - Urban Explorer and Author, Only in ..... Guides. (Austria and England)

I assure you I will lend my voice to yours and write my representatives to keep this atrocity from happening.
Dwight Brooks - LRGAF reader.  (United States)

Jeremy James - Author, Vagabond. (England)

I back the Long Riders' Guild Press and have already sent the email to everyone I could.
Lee Dunn - Publisher, I. M. Cowgirl magazine. (United States)

I was absolutely appalled by the news about Amazon and my thinking cap is firmly on regarding this important issue. Seeking to dominate or control literature in any way is repugnant and challenges our fundamental right to learn, teach, and share information.
Peter Hornbuckle - Horse Travel Books reader. (New Zealand)

What an appalling and outrageous situation and I certainly hope Amazon will be stopped forthwith. I've registered my complaint and will never buy from Amazon again.
Julia Prola - Horse Travel Books reader. (England)

I was horrified to read your story of the Amazon attack on POD publishers. Please be assured that I will support you in retaining your POD rights and for a start will not knowingly sell further copies of my book through Amazon until this matter is satisfactorily sorted.
John Labouchere - Author, High Horses. (England)

I have been a loyal customer of I am not any more !!!
Andy Dell - English Long Rider. (England)

Well you can add me to the list. I recently bought a book from Amazon as a present for my wife. Now I’ll pay a little more and go to the book shop in future.
Garry Ashton-Coulton - Art Editor, Horse magazine. (England)

This is outrageous and something must be done. I shall add my voice of protest.
Peter Marshall - Author, Around Africa. (England)

Amazon's behaviour is quite disgraceful and they should be ashamed of themselves.
Peter Natt - Horse Travel Books reader. (England)

I've posted the news about Amazon to my fellow true crime authors, as well to my fellow authors at the In Cold Blog website, urging all of them to do something with this.
Steven Long - Editor, Texas Horse Talk magazine and Author, Death without Dignity.  (United States)

Thank you for fighting against this big predator.
Alex Décotte - Journalist. (France)

What a ghastly scenario, but congratulations to The Long Riders' Guild Press opposition against 21st century megalomania - Teddy Roosevelt would be proud of you.  The world needs champions to tackle today's corporate tyranny.  Non illegitimi carborundum!
Alistair Carr - Author, The Singing Bowl. (England)

And finally, a succinct message from New Zealand Long Rider Ian Robinson, who was hunted down and captured on horseback by the Chinese authorities while attempting to ride across Tibet alone.
"Don't mess with the Long Riders"!

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