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Aimé Tschiffely




Though he was to become the most famous Long Rider in history, Aimé Tschiffely started life quietly enough in the small village of Zofinguen, Switzerland. The call of adventure and travel soon lured the young Swiss man to immigrate to England in the late 1910s. There he tried his hand at a number of occupations, including a bout as a professional prize fighter.  But despite his pugilistic abilities, Aimé was a devout student and ardent reader.
Having been offered a chance to teach at a boy's school in Argentina, Aim
é moved to Buenos Aires in 1923.  Once again, it was the lure of travel which drove the fighter turned math teacher to make an historic decision. In 1925 Aimé set out to ride 10,000 miles alone from Buenos Aires to New York city. For the next three years Aimé and his two Criollo geldings, Mancha and Gato, survived a litany of hardships unequalled in equestrian travel. Then, after being hailed as a hero by the President of the United States, the quiet Swiss traveller sent his horses home to Argentina, while he returned to England and took up writing full time.
He penned a remarkable biography of the noted Scottish socialist-adventurer, Robert Cunninghame Graham.  But always restless, he journeyed back to Latin America several times, afterwards writing a number of books based upon his keen observations.
In January, 1954, Aim
é Tschiffely, the most influential equestrian travel writer of the 20th century, checked into a London hospital for a minor operation. He died unexpectedly due to complications related to the surgery. Ever the traveller, Aimé had one more journey to make. His ashes were sent home to his beloved Argentina, where they were spread out on the pampas he loved.

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Bohemia Junction

Aimé Tschiffely

ISBN 1590480155


One reviewer described “Bohemia Junction” as ‘Forty years of adventurous living condensed into one book.” It is all that and more!
Aimé Tschiffely was the most famous equestrian traveler of the twentieth century because of his legendary 10,000 mile ride from Argentina to Washington DC in 1925.
Readers won’t be surprised then to discover that exotic people, faraway places and equestrian adventure make up the background to the explorer’s autobiography. “Bohemia Junction” is packed with the amazing assortment of humanity that Tschiffely met during his lifetime of travel, including cowboys, prize-fighters, writers, Indians, and the eccentric riff-raff of three continents.
From Cape Horn to New York, Tschiffely journeyed wherever his vagabond fancy took him. And each region explored had its quota of “bohemians” in the old sense of the word – men and women for whom love of adventure was a reality.
“Bohemia Junction” delivers more than just an account of the famous equestrian traveler’s life. It gives the reader an exuberant drama, peopled by the reckless rough-necks of a now bygone age.
No travel collection is complete without this timeless classic.

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Bridle Paths

Aimé Tschiffely

ISBN 1590480139



What does the world’s most famous equestrian explorer do when he comes home to England after making a 10,000 mile ride from Argentina to Washington, DC? He writes a best-selling book about his adventures, “Tschiffely’s Ride”, then sets off on a new horse to explore rural 1930s Britain.
Through the ancient New Forest, over the lonely mountains of Wales, and across the rugged landscape of Scotland, the renowned author investigated the nooks and crannies of this island kingdom. Mounted on his gentle Cob mare, Violet, Tschiffely details the last roving adventure of its kind. “Bridle Paths” is a final poetic look at a now-vanished Britain, as it was before the advent of suburbia changed it forever.

This superb book is amply illustrated with Tschiffely’s own pencil drawings. As a bonus, it includes a special appendix listing the equipment used by the mounted traveler, as well as detailed sketches of the method he used to pack his horse.
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The Tale of Two Horses

Aimé Tschiffely

ISBN 1590480120


In the world-famous travel book, "Tschiffely's Ride", the Swiss author recounted how he and his two Criollo horses, Mancha and Gato, set off from Argentina in 1924, bound for faraway Washington DC.  Their legendary 10,000 mile ride took them through the mountains and jungles of South and Central America, where they encountered a host of adventures, including rope bridges, vampire bats, sand storms, treacherous mountains, quicksand and hostile natives!
Now here is the same story but delivered with a new twist.  For the first time in history, the story is narrated by the two equine heroes, Mancha and Gato.  Their unique point of view is guaranteed to delight children and adults alike.
With a preface by famed horseman R. B. Cunningham Graham, "The Tale of Two Horses" is amply illustrated with drawings by the author.  No equestrian travel collection could be considered complete without this wonderful book!

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This Way Southward

Aimé Tschiffely

ISBN 1590480147




Tschiffely rides again ! But this time in a 30 horse-power Ford.
With the Second World War raging across Europe, the most famous equestrian explorer of the twentieth century decides to make a perilous journey across the U-boat infested Atlantic. His mission? To return to his old haunts in South America and undertake a harrowing 7,000 mile journey through Argentina, across the inhospitable regions of Tierra del Fuego and over the majestic Andes mountains.
One of the finest travel writers of his day, Tschiffely packs his story with a host of adventures and colourful characters including riding with gauchos and staying with the legendary Ona Indians. In addition “This Way Southward” details the adventurer’s emotional last meeting with his two legendary Criollo horses, Mancha and Gato. These were the equine heroes Tschiffely had ridden for 10,000 miles in 1925 from Argentina to Washington DC, and who were now living in retirement on the wild South American pampas.
Lavishly illustrated with maps and numerous photographs taken by the author, “This Way Southward” is a rare treat for anyone interested in the travels of this famous traveller. No travel collection is complete without this famous classic.

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Tschiffely's Ride

ISBN 1590480112





No one knew they were looking at a hero and his two horses.

Instead the local press derided him as "a lunatic proposing to ride overland to New York."

The time was 1925. The place, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Standing on the threshold of equestrian travel history was a young Swiss Long Rider named Aimé Tschiffely. Next to him were his two faithful Criollo horses, Mancha and Gato. Their collective goal was to ride more than ten thousand miles from Buenos Aires to New York. No one had ever attempted such a journey. Everyone thought Tschiffely was mad.

Looking back on what would become the most famous equestrian journey of the modern age, it is difficult to believe that anyone doubted the abilities of the legendary Long Rider and his hardy horses. Yet the school teacher who became an equestrian explorer had been told he was too inexperienced, his horses too old, and the journey too difficult.

What Aimé Tschiffely was told was wrong.

This is the story of the greatest equestrian epic of the twentieth century, a journey that came about because a man and his horses refused to quit - ever! During the course of their travels Tschiffely, Mancha and Gato crossed deadly deserts, passed through jungles, traversed sky-high mountain passes - and rode on. They were assailed by vampire bats, mistaken for gods and navigated the Panama Canal - but rode on.

Nothing stopped them. No one since has rivalled their accomplishments.

Often imitated but never outdone, this timeless book remains the most beloved equestrian travel classic of all time. So saddle up for the ride of a lifetime. But beware: the story of Tschiffely's Ride has inspired five generations to take to the saddle in search of mounted adventure.


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