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Alistair Carr

In a world where travel books have too often of late been reduced to a mixture of sarcastic humour and tongue-in-cheek tales of personal suffering, Alistair Carr is that rare breed of author who isn’t afraid to travel alone or stand apart.


Even though he was born in South Africa and brought up in Scotland, it was Central Asia which sent out her siren song to the young traveller.  Carr spent a year exploring Outer Mongolia, then promptly penned a literary surprise entitled “The Singing Bowl.”  While many travel writers deliberately set off to conquer a mountain, cross a jungle or infiltrate some dangerous tribe, Carr’s travels served instead as a backdrop to “explore the personal geography” of his own life.


Though the book isn’t lacking in adventure, more importantly it is a beautifully written travel account brimming with insight. No surprise then that Geographical, the magazine of the Royal Geographical Society reported, “Carr's first book is a gem; his next could be a masterpiece.”


Yet Carr hasn’t retired from travelling or laid aside his pen. He recently returned from an in-depth journey across Niger’s Sahel mountains and is at work on a book about the Sultanate of Agades.


While Classic Travel Books is proud of our commitment to re-publishing endangered books, we are equally committed to supporting the work of young writers like Alistair Carr.   He is a terrific example of an exciting new generation of exploration writers, one whose travel books will be remembered for years to come for having not only brought back tales of distant lands but also an honest account of the internal discoveries which went with it.

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The Singing Bowl

ISBN 1590481186


“This spirited account conveys to the reader the emotions and thoughts that animated the author on his journeying through remove corners of China and Mongolia. We get a vivid sense of the drifting life of steppe and desert and a sharp insight into his adventures.” John Hare FRGS

“Carr's first book is a gem; his next could be a masterpiece.” Review in Geographical magazine.

“A lovely, stirring and yet sensitive tale.” Benedict Allen FRGS


Alistair Carr swapped his mobile phone and his laptop for a backpack and a polar fleece, and set off for a country few Westerners had then visited. From travelling with reindeer herders to searching for dinosaur bones in the Gobi Desert, Carr’s was an extraordinary journey. In clear, vivid language, he writes of his time in Mongolia with clarity, affection and insight. The Singing Bowl is a memorable and lovely account of a country that has been called, with truth, “a land of no strangers.”


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