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Glynn Christian

Glynn Christian is the great-great-great-great-grandson of Fletcher Christian who led the mutiny on Bounty in 1789 and is the author of the only biography of his ancestor. Remarkably, there are almost 3000 books and major articles on the mutiny but until Fragile Paradise very little was known about Fletcher Christian, and so the story was incomplete, one-sided. To complete his research Glynn led a Royal Geographical Society supported sailing expedition to Pitcairn Island and this adventure forms an important part of the book’s narrative.

In the third and latest edition of Fragile Paradise, Glynn Christian has added a ground-breaking appreciation of Bounty's  revolutionary Tahitian women, led by Mauatua, his great-great-great-great-grandmother, who in old age led Pitcairn women to becoming the first in the world with the vote.

Best known in the UK as a BBC-TV chef-traveller and food journalist, Glynn Christian has been cooking on British television since 1982. From 1983 he appeared on BBC Breakfast-time three times weekly and also guests regularly on prime time television and radio: he wrote weekly for The Sunday Telegraph on food or food and travel and for most other well-known magazines until 1995 when he went to Australasia.

Mrs Christian: 'Bounty' Mutineer

Glynn Christian

ISBN 1590480503

Joanna Lumley says:" . . . sensationally interesting. I had no idea there were women on the Bounty, nor that they had the vote before this country. I wish the book the success it so richly deserves."

"Congratulations! It was fun and easy to read, and sheds tremendous light on the Pitcairn story.Sizzling sex scenes!": Distinguished Professor Dame Anne Salmond, South Pacific anthropologist and author

"I read it with intense interest and fascination . . . not only a thoughtful but also a gripping and moving story, with wide implications. . . how much I admire your impressive achievement . . ." : Rolf DuRietz, Bounty scholar

This is the heroic and bloody, untold story of Mauatua, Tahitian lover and wife of BOUNTY mutineer Fletcher Christian and of what she and 11 other women endured to survive on Pitcairn Island, the mutineers' secret refuge for almost twenty years. It is a story of Ma'ohi women succeeding where white men failed, women who then became first in the world to have the vote, in 1838, 90 years before the women of Britain. To secure and then protect two of womanhood's most precious rights, the right to bear children and the right of those children to a life of loving security, Mauatua had to endure and sometimes motivate unspeakable brutality. In response to the drunkenness, madness and physical cruelty of their European lovers, Mauatua and the other Ma'ohi women mutinied against their BOUNTY mutineer-kidnappers. They used Christian's revolutionary idea of voting to agree the only course to ensure the safe future of their children - an island with as few men as possible. But once they resorted to such extreme measures there were secrets that must never be told, confidences that must never be broken. A new history had to be written. When Pitcairn Island is rediscovered in 1808, a living reminder of Mauatua's past life on Tahiti challenges her certainties and everything she has done to protect the island's children. Thirty years later she led the Pitcairn community to ratifying two revolutionary concepts. Women had their right to vote written into law, ninety years before the UK. And education was to be compulsory for girls as well as boys. Eventually Mauatua is forced to disclose the truth about Pitcairn's two greatest mysteries. Who did plan the massacres? What did happen to Fletcher Christian? By telling her secrets, Mauatua/Mrs Christian subjects herself to the judgment and outrage of those she fought hardest to protect, her own children.

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Fragile Paradise

Glynn Christian

ISBN 1590482506




“A masterly story, beautifully told.” Gavin Kennedy, Bligh biographer.

“A valuable addition to Bountiana.” Colleen McCullough.

“Deeply researched and highly readable.” Robin Hanbury-Tenison OBE


The mutiny on Bounty on 28 April 1789 was the revolt of one man against another — Fletcher Christian against William Bligh. On that fateful day two friends became mortal enemies in a mighty clash of wills that rocked a nation.

In Fragile Paradise, the great-great-great-great-grandson of the Bounty mutineer brings to life a fascinating and complex character history has portrayed as both hero and villain, and the real story behind a mutiny that continues to divide opinion more than 200 years later.

The result is a brilliant and compelling historical detective story, full of intrigue, jealousy, revenge and adventure on the high seas. Glynn Christian shares the thrill of discovery as he follows the footsteps of his famous ancestor through family papers, contemporary accounts and, ultimately, on his own sailing expedition to Pitcairn Island where he finally solves the riddle of Fletcher Christian’s death.

Fragile Paradise sheds new light on Christian’s actions and the question of who was the real villain of the mutiny. It also retraces the mutineers’ extraordinary voyage to find sanctuary and reveals for the first time the pivotal role women played in this quest. Without the skills of the Polynesian women they kidnapped, the mutineers would not have survived on Pitcairn Island.

The story of the first Englishman who found and lost paradise in the South Pacific and his descendant’s personal odyssey to discover the truth, Fragile Paradise is a fitting finale to a great adventure.


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