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David Macdonald




Professor David Macdonald,  of Witney, Oxfordshire, has been Director of the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit at Oxford University since founding it in 1986, and is also Senior Research Fellow in Wildlife Conservation at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford.  He is Professor of Wildlife Conservation at the University of Oxford, has held the A.D. White Professorship at Cornell University in New York State, is Visiting Professor at Imperial College, London and holds a D.Sc. from Oxford.   He won the 2005 Dawkins Prize for Conservation, and in 2006 was awarded the American Society of Mammalogistsí Merriam Award for outstanding contributions to research; he  has published over 300 refereed papers on aspects of mammalian behaviour, ecology and conservation and has served on, or chaired, a variety of committees.  Currently he is Chairman of the Darwin Advisory Committee, a member of the Council of English Nature and of the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust and VP of the Wildlife Trusts. He is also on the Board of Natural England. Recently he has been on the Council of the Zoological Society of London, of which he was a Vice-President, as he was also of the RSPCA.  He was founder of IUCN/SCC Canid Specialist Group, of which he was Chairman for 24 years, and is now an Emeritus Fellow of the IUCN/SSC.  David Macdonald is also known for his books and television documentaries. He has twice been awarded the Natural History Author of the Year, and 500,000 copies of the first edition of his Encyclopaedia of Mammals were printed worldwide.  His documentary films include the seven-part BBC-1 series The Velvet Claw (about carnivores) and his Meerkats United has been watched by an estimated 500-million viewers.

David Macdonald officially founded the WildCRU ( in 1986. The WildCRU has a mission to achieve practical solutions to conservation problems: it undertakes original research on aspects of biology relevant to wildlife conservation and environmental management. Its aim is to meet the need for rigorous scientific study to underpin policy formation and public debate of the many issues and problems that surround the conservation of wildlife and their habitats.


Expedition to Borneo

David Macdonald

ISBN 1590482433


David Macdonald was 18 when he led his first overseas expedition - to study bird flocks in the hills of Kashmir - and 20 when in 1972 he led the zoological expedition to Borneo that is the main story of this book. His youthful passion to write expressed itself in copious diaries scrawled in the mangrove swamps by the light of a Tilley lamp - these diaries, the substance of this story, tell not only of wondrous places, people and animals, but also of how the world seemed to a young man seeing it for the first time. David Macdonald had founded Oxford's Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, published over 300 scientific papers, twice won the Natural History Author of the Year award, and made prize-winning TV documentaries such as The Night of the Fox, Meerkats United and the Velvet Claw; he still travels widely, although the world is a different place.

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