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Marika Hanbury-Tenison





Marika and Robin Hanbury-Tenison were married in 1959.  They lived on their farm on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall until her tragically early death from cancer in 1982. 

During this time Marika became one of Britain's top food writers, producing some 30 books.  She was also the cookery editor of the Sunday Telegraph for the last fourteen years of her life.  Marika  travelled with Robin, notably on two major expeditions to Brazil and Indonesia, as a result of which she wrote these two vivid and entertaining books.

For Better, For Worse

Marika Hanbury-Tenison

ISBN 1590482050


“Her impressions are fresh and vivid, and the further she goes from civilisation the better she writes.” The Daily Telegraph.

In 1971 Marika Hanbury-Tenison set out with her explorer husband Robin on an expedition, backed by Survival International, to visit and live among the Indians of Central Brazil, some of the most isolated and mysterious native communities in the world. This is her story of that expedition.

It is, in her own words, ‘a light-hearted account of our journey and experiences in Brazil as seen through the eyes of a novice in the exploring world.’

In fact Marika Hanbury-Tenison is a superb observer. Suddenly uprooted from domesticity as a cookery writer at her Cornish home, she finds herself in one of the richest, most alien and most extreme environments in the world. Whether she is writing about high life in Rio, the simple joy of native communities on the Xingu river, or the plight of the poor whites in the inland shanty-towns, she enlivens everything with the sharpness and warmth of her description.

But she is primarily a good story-teller. The characters she meets on her eventful journey and the stories they themselves have to tell make this book a most enjoyable and delightful read.

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A Slice of Spice

Marika Hanbury-Tenison

ISBN 1590482042

In 1973 Marika Hanbury-Tenison followed up her expedition to Brazil, described in For Better, For Worse, with an even more hazardous journey to the islands of Indonesia. Once again she accompanied her husband Robin, the Chairman of Survival International, but this time as a more independent traveller, a partner in the expedition.

They visited the Kubu tribes of Sumatra and the more remote people of the island of Siberut. They flew to Kalimantan (Borneo) to visit the Dayak peoples of the interior, the Celebes islands, the Moluccas and West Irian. In the course of her travels, she visited the ‘navel of the world,’ she took tea with former cannibals and journeyed into a magic land where no machines are allowed and no white man had ever before set foot. She travelled by plane, by jeep, by canoe, by pony and often on foot. She survived a virtual shipwreck, attacks by leeches, contracted a tropical disease, encountered a wild boar and a cassowary. All the songs, dances, spells and music, the food of the native communities, and the richness of a vanishing way of life, are recreated in her highly entertaining descriptions.

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