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Robert Cunninghame Graham

Robert Cunninghame Graham author, traveller explorer, politician and adventurer, was a man of extraordinary talents, tireless energy and considerable courage. His friend and contemporary Joseph Conrad remarked, “When I think of Cunninghame Graham, I feel as though I have lived all my life in a dark hole without seeing or knowing anything.”

In a crowded life — Cunninghame Graham was variously a Member of Parliament, a gaucho in South America, a fencing master, a founder member of both the Independent Labour Party and the Scottish National Party, a rancher, horse-trainer, buffalo hunter and Long Rider through North and South America — he wrote prolifically. Known as "Don Roberto," he was the author of travel books, a biography, eleven histories of Latin America and fourteen volumes of short stories and sketches.

In 1872 Cunninghame Graham rode on horseback 600 miles up the river Parana to the Iguacu Falls, researching the role of the early Jesuits with the local Indians. His subsequent book, A Vanished Arcadia, was made into a film, The Mission starring Jeremy Irons.

This special collection of Don Roberto's most important books has been made possible by the enthusiastic support of the Cunninghame Graham family.  The highlight of the collection is the newly-published biography of the Scottish patriot by his great-niece, Jean Cunninghame Graham.



ISBN 1590481771




What rare spark motivates a man to do the impossible – again and again?  What manner of man destroys the boundaries of the word “unobtainable” and replaces it with the words “why not”?  Meet Robert Cunninghame Graham, the author of this book and a living legend of the late 19th century.

Disillusioned with politics, the famous horseman sought solace in the saddle.  His mission?

To journey across Morocco in 1897 by riding through the Atlas mountains and reaching the city of Taroudant

Of course there was one small problem.

The Sultan had forbidden outsiders, especially Christians, from going there.

Don Roberto flouted the danger, saddled his Barb horse and galloped straight into the teeth of one of the greatest desert stories ever told. Disguised in local clothes and calling himself “Sheikh Mohammad El Fasi,” the Scottish author posing as a Turkish doctor was only hours away from the elusive city when he was captured and kidnapped.

This book, an instant best-seller, brought praises from Joseph Conrad, H. G. Wells and Bernard Shaw, who all agreed it was a rare book written by a man so kaleidoscopic in character that he defied belief.
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ISBN 159048178X


“Rodeo” is an omnibus of the finest work of the man they called “the uncrowned King of Scotland.” The stories canter across a wide vista, ranging from the rolling pampas of Argentina to the cruel cities of Europe. They are inhabited by the characters whom Don Roberto knew, ranging from mysterious Moroccan sherifs to dying Sioux chiefs.

As if to add a hint of equestrian history, “Rodeo” was edited by Aime Tschiffely, the most famous Long Rider of the 20th century and a close personal friend of Don Roberto’s.

H. G. Wells, Joseph Conrad, Teddy Roosevelt, Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw, all praised Don Roberto as being one of the greatest writers of their day.

An enduring literary monument to a life well lived, “Rodeo” remains a classic literary treasure.

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