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Gordon Sinclair

Born in Toronto, Canada, Sinclair was a renowned journalist whose travels inspired him to write Footloose in India, Cannibal Quest, Loose Among the Devils and Khyber Caravan. Towards the end of a long and distinguished career as one of Canada’s most celebrated commentators, Sinclair was made an Officer of the Order of Canada.

Khyber Caravan

Gordon Sinclair

ISBN 1590480899



Turbulent nation. Magnet for trouble. Crossroads of Conquerors.

Why would anyone want to go there? With its turbulent tribesmen, hostile terrain, and blood-soaked history, it was the one country in Central Asia timid travelers never ventured near.

That is exactly why young newspaper reporter, Gordon Sinclair, decided to head out to the Forbidden Kingdom in 1934. Officially, he was looking for a story. Privately, he was seeking that mistress called adventure. He found both!

“Khyber Caravan” is the classic account of Sinclair’s journey across British India, through the beautiful mountains of Kashmir, across the blazing deserts of Waziristan, and finally, through the famed Khyber Pass. On the way Sinclair met a host of colorful characters and observed the most famous sights in the fabled sub-continent. A pleasure to read then, “Khyber Caravan” is now weaving its enchanting spell for a new generation of readers.


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