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Raleigh Trevelyan




When writing The Golden Oriole Raleigh Trevelyan made five journeys to the Indian sub-continent, including Burma and Afghanistan.    He returned to his birthplace, the Andaman Islands, and also stayed at Gilgit in what was northern Kashmir where he spent much of his early childhood.  He was a platoon commander at the Anzio Beachhead in the second world war, and later a captain with the military mission to the Italian army in Rome.  Many of his books are to do with Italy - he is the author of The Companion Guide to Sicily.  His most recent book was a biography of Sir Walter Raleigh; this involved travelling to all the places connected with his distant relative, such as the Orinoco delta, Colombia, Roanoke, Ireland, central France, the Cape Verde Islands and Spain.   For forty years he worked in publishing as editor and director.  He lives partly in London and partly in Cornwall in a house on the site of a Cluniac cell.

The Golden Oriole

Raleigh Trevelyan

Raleigh Trevelyan, scion of the famous clan of Macaulay and Trevelyan historians, was born in the world of the Raj.  Drawing on journeys in search of his family's long Anglo-Indian past and on the sparkling reminiscences and diaries of the family and their friends (such as E. M. Forster), the author brilliantly evokes the entire sweep of the vanished British empire in India in all its sadness and glory, its grief and triumph.

"A definitive summing up of Anglo-India's ruling attitudes ... In the long line of Anglo-Indian memoirs, it is certainly one of the best - one of the very few that will survive not just as a period piece but as literature."  Jan Morris, The New York Times Book Review

"A remarkable, perceptive book... lucid...balanced...funny...touching."  The Times Literary Supplement

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