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Central Asia, Mongolia and Tibet

"Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe." Anatole France


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Across the Roof of the World, Wilfred Skrede

Afghan Expedition, James Atkinson

Among the Tibetans, Isabella Bird

In the Forbidden Land, Henry Savage Landor

Forbidden Road - Kabul to Samarkand, Rosita Forbes

Gods and Guerrillas, George Patterson

Journey with Loshay - A Tibetan Odyssey, George Patterson

The Marching Wind, Leonard Clark

Mongolian Adventure, Haslund Henning

My Life as an Explorer, Sven Hedin

To Lhasa in Disguise, William McGovern

Patterson of Tibet, George Patterson

A Ride to Khiva, Frederick Burnaby

The Singing Bowl, Alistair Carr

Turkestan Solo, Ella Maillart



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