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December 2011 - An brilliant new book has been published by Classic Travel Books. Glynn Christian has written about the heroic and bloody, untold story of Mauatua, Tahitian lover and wife of BOUNTY mutineer Fletcher Christian and of what she and 11 other women endured to survive on Pitcairn Island, the mutineers' secret refuge for almost twenty years. It is a story of Ma'ohi women succeeding where white men failed, women who then became first in the world to have the vote, in 1838, 90 years before the women of Britain.  Hailed by Pitcairn scholars and Joanna Lumley, this is an astonishing read.  Click on cover for more information.

The "Voices of Exploration" project continuesclick here to see the new interviews.

January 2010 - Amazon is defeated by independent POD Publishers and the corporate giant conquered.  The LRG Press is proud to be part of Historic Publishing Alliance.
In an astonishing case of David defeating Goliath, a small independent North American Print-On-Demand publishing company has defeated the Amazon corporation in a stunning legal battle.  More....

Environmental Policy of LRG Press Vindicated - An Estimated 77 Million Books Destroyed in the UK Last Year.

With the LRG Press “Not a Twig is Wasted”.  Recent revelations in the British press, detailing how an estimated 77 million books are being pulped every year, has reinforced the environmental policy of the LRG Press.  More....

Autumn 2008 On-line article in "TeleRead: Bring the E-Books Home" about The Long Riders' Guild Press's battle with's threat to all publishers, not just the small ones.

The prestigious Explorers Web has published this story about George Patterson  ("Patterson of Tibet") and his unceasing championing of his beloved adopted country. 

It appears that publishers and authors in England have now come under a similar attack from Amazon as their North American counterparts.

Review by Nick Smith of The South Pole Ponies in Geographical, the magazine of The Royal Geographical Society.

Article in The Times Higher Education about how the "research assessment exercise" is changing the very nature of the scholarly enterprise.

Thought-provoking article about POD by Darren Laws in "Book Trade Info"  entitled, "The Times They are A-Changin and the Publishing Industry Better be A-Listening."

Insightful article about George Borrow published in The Scots magazine.

Nick Smith reviews The South Pole Ponies and Aurora Australis for The James Caird Society.

On Two Fronts, by Antoinette Moat.  Arthur Galletti was a man in many respects representative of his time, and so it is more remarkable that the book is ablaze with travel, romance and danger.  Born in India in 1907, raised in Italy and educated in England, Galletti had by 1927 become a British Army officer whose dashing good looks would have allowed him to star alongside Cary Grant in a Gunga Din movie, but he was killed in action in 1943. Still deeply in love, he left behind an anguished wife, a son, and a small daughter who was unable to comprehend how her father died fighting in North Africa.  On Two Fronts is two people’s heart-breaking story – but it is also a detailed commentary on the times and events they lived through.  Please click here for more information.

Afghan Expedition, by James Atkinson.  A superb artist and famous scholar who had translated Persia’s national epic, this renaissance man had been designated the Superintending Surgeon of a massive British invasion force resolved to place a sympathetic ruler on the Afghan throne in 1839. The ill-fated British force fought its way through the Bolan Pass, swept through Kandahar and conquered Kabul. Soon afterwards Atkinson was released from duty, thereby escaping the catastrophe which awaited his comrades. During the subsequent rebellion the British political agent was beheaded and an estimated 16,000 British soldiers and their dependents were slaughtered in a week by the vengeful Afghans.

This beautifully illustrated edition of Atkinson’s inclusive work is released in the hope that its timely appearance will help bring about a deeper understanding between England and Afghanistan.  For more information, please click here.

Anastasius, by Thomas Hope.   Here is the book which took the world by storm, and then was lost. In 1817 Thomas Hope began work on a book that was destined to astonish the West by lifting the curtain of ignorance which had encouraged enmity against the East. Hope's hero Anastasius was fearless, curious, cunning, ruthless, brave, and above all, sexy.   This remarkable new edition features all three volumes together for the first time. Plus, in a series of commissioned Appendices, an international team of academic experts have examined Hope's life, political impact and artistic legacy, the latter being a ground-breaking investigation of the famous portrait of the author depicted as a noble of the Ottoman Empire. In accordance with its academic mission, the royalties of this new edition are being donated to the National Portrait Gallery.   Please click here for more information.

Spirit of the Vikings, by David Grant.  This is a kayaking book with a difference. The inspiration for the journey, from Sweden to the Black Sea, via the Baltic and rivers of eastern Europe, came ‘somewhere in Kazakhstan’ when David Grant, while travelling with his wife and children in a horse-drawn caravan, was reading a translation of the fictitious Viking saga Röde Orm, or Red Serpent.  A life-long interest in things Viking, coupled with a wish to experience a solo expedition on a shoe-string budget, dictated that the author’s “longship” should actually be a kayak. The route would follow approximately that of Röde Orm’s vessel but continue on to the Black Sea and possibly further.   Please click here for more information.

Glimpses of Life in America.  Syed Arif Hussaini, born in Pakistan and now living in California, has cast a keen eye over his adopted country and come away with a collection of essays containing a series of sharp observations.   Thanks to his university education in India and Canada, as well as the many years he spent residing in a wide variety of countries as a representative of the Pakistani government, Hussaini is a tremendously gifted witness to outside events. Nor are his acute powers of the pen restricted to political matters, for he turns his bemused gaze on the American obsession with automobiles and contemplates their allegiance to shopping malls. Additionally, he comments on their sexual habits, bemoans their airports, and ponders the American search for instant gratification.  This is essential reading for anyone contemplating moving to the United States!  Please click here for more information.

The Golden Oriole Raleigh Trevelyan, scion of the famous clan of Macaulay and Trevelyan historians, was born in the world of the Raj.  Drawing on journeys in search of his family's long Anglo-Indian past and on the sparkling reminiscences and diaries of the family and their friends (such as E. M. Forster), the author brilliantly evokes the entire sweep of the vanished British empire in India in all its sadness and glory, its grief and triumph.
"A definitive summing up of Anglo-India's ruling attitudes ... In the long line of Anglo-Indian memoirs, it is certainly one of the best - one of the very few that will survive not just as a period piece but as literature."  Jan Morris, The New York Times Book Review.
Please click here for more information.

Four George Borrow books back in print!  Borrow was one of the mid-nineteenth century’s most influential travel writers. A legendary traveller, a keen cultural observer and a phenomenal linguist, Borrow wrote four books about his journeys in Europe, Russia and North Africa which are still considered travel writing classics. Classic Travel Books is proud to have republished Borrow’s most famous works including The Bible in Spain, Lavengro, The Romany Rye and Wild Wales. In keeping with our policy to assist those academic institutions which have helped to preserve the often-endangered literary efforts of writers like Borrow, CTB has offered to present a portion of the royalties from the republication of the Borrow books to the George Borrow Society.   
These books are part of "The Classic 'John Murray' Travel Collection."  Please click here to go to George Borrow's page.

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