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We treat our authors with the respect they deserve.  Here are some of the kind words we have received from them: 

Robin Hanbury-Tenison, author of World’s Within, Reflections in the Sand, White Horses Over France, Fragile Eden, Spanish Pilgrimage, A Pattern of People, The Rough and the Smooth, A Question of Survival, Mulu: The Rainforest, and World’s Apart: An Explorer’s Life.

“I have hugely enjoyed working with Basha and CuChullaine O’Reilly. So different from ‘normal’ publishers! No problems and instant response. The speed with which they have used modern technology to bring back into print so many of my older books and the efficiency of their new production techniques has amazed me. As for turning the manuscript of my autobiography, Worlds Within, into a book in a mere ten days from receiving it, I was left breathless. It has been a joy to do business with them.

Nigel Watson, Executive Director of the Antarctic Heritage Trust.

Classic Travel Books is donating the royalties from Robert Scott's book,  Scott's Last Expedition and Ernest Shackleton's Aurora Australis to the Antarctic Heritage Trust to help preserve the huts used by the two authors.  This is what Nigel Watson had to say.

"The Antarctic Heritage Trust is delighted that these classic accounts of Antarctic exploration are back in print.  They are not only exciting and educational, but the royalties will help preserve the very huts which Sir Ernest Shackleton and Captain Robert Scott sheltered in during their heroic Antarctic explorations."

Alistair Carr, author of The Singing Bowl.

"Classic Travel Books are, quite simply, becoming the guardians of travel literature. The last hundred years has manifested most of our best travel scribes and it's been these people who've not only recorded some of mankind's greatest endeavours through geographical exploration and travel but, in an era of monumental global change, have captured vanished worlds with their intrepid pens.  Yet, absurd as it may seem, many of these historic works have been mostly sidelined and buried.  They are at best to be found in libraries, or beyond affordability in the confines of rare bookshops.  The very history of travel literature and its work of capturing space, place and time with the written word was about to be lost to the public.  The out of date and out of print travel author had become an endangered species - a casualty of perceived anachronism and, on the whole, to be treated merely as a curiosity by number-absorbed marketers and editors.
What Classic Travel Books have achieved in their growing compilation of travel literature, and to the forum of travel writing and its history, is enlightened.  By affording the reader the freedom of ordering an otherwise unaffordable book, anywhere on the planet and at any time, they have resurrected travel writing's flag.  Not only are Basha and CuChullaine O'Reilly kindred spirits, but fences do not exist in their philosophy. They are creating a realm where the works of travel authors can safely come home."

Derek O'Connor, author of The King's Stranger.

"Travel-writing needs Classic Travel Books and it needs its mission to save the great works of the genre for future generations of readers."

Glynn Christian, author of Fragile Paradise

“Classic Travel Books has changed my life, and will soon change life on Pitcairn Island, still one of the world's most remote inhabited islands. And all by making FRAGILE PARADISE, my biography of Fletcher Christian, available not only today but for generations to come.

The Mutiny on Bounty in 1789 and the founding of Pitcairn Island in 1790 are amongst the world's most romantic true marine stories. Over 200 years later these events still fascinate millions, with hundreds of thousands being drawn into its spell every year. Yet even though FRAGILE PARADISE is the only biography of Fletcher Christian, and thus the first of almost 3000 titles published over two centuries to be able to give both sides of the story, there have been decades when it was not available.

The Print on Demand service of Classic Travel Books means FRAGILE PARADISE is always available, supporting and making tangible my story-telling on cruise ships, in lecture halls - and on top of buses! The book makes the story even more real, for only a book tells such detail.

But now a new dimension has been added. The flexibility of Classic Travel Books means we are preparing a special edition of FRAGILE PARADISE. This will be shipped to Pitcairn and available for purchase only from Pitcairn Islanders on Pitcairn, truly a Collectors Edition, a unique and lasting reward for those who undertake the journey.  

More than this, we are finalising a scheme through which a donation from every sale will go into a dedicated fund on the island, possibly to support the island's museum and its campaign to collect BOUNTY artefacts from around the world.

Only the Print on Demand service of Classic Travel Books closes the huge geographical distance between me as author and the Pitcairners, exactly when they want, and in an edition exclusive to them for as many generations as they remain on their island hideaway.

It's a new sort of bounty - and one over which there'll never be a mutiny.

George Patterson, author of Journey with Loshay, Gods and Guerrillas, and Patterson of Tibet.

“In over fifty years of writing and publishing books I have seen major changes in publishing.  When I wrote my first books they were judged by their literary merit by people who loved good writing, interesting content and pleasing presentation.  Now publishing businesses are run by number crunchers calculating potential sales in market-place competition with soul-less distributors and bookshops.  What I have appreciated most about The Long Riders' Guild Press is the interest – no, the passion – for quality writing, high standards in printing, close cooperation with the authors, and last, but not least, by the sophisticated use of the world-wide publicity potential of the Internet to make the books internationally available.  This means that the books will live on rather than die after a short book-shop life, and as my own books cover three generations of my family this is a gratifying as well as an exciting innovation.  So I offer a toast:  Long Life to Long Riders!”

Christina Dodwell, author of A Traveller in China, An Explorer’s Handbook, A Traveller on Horseback, Travels with Pegasus, In Papua New Guinea, Travels with Fortune, Madagascar Travel and Beyond Siberia.

“It used to make me happy to see my publishers producing a large print-run, showing their expectation for the book to do well.  But, at the end of its shelf life when all unsold books went back to the warehouse, it always seemed a shame that the remaindered stock was turned to pulp.  I suppose that every publisher destroys thousands of books each year.  I wonder how many trees went into making those books, destroyed for nothing.  How many trees would still be standing if book production was less wasteful?  This is one of the benefits of the Long Riders' Guild Press system of Print on Demand – being environmentally friendly. Each book produced is a wanted book, which allows publishing to do its bit for a healthier planet.
In today's world of shrinking resources, I congratulate the Long Riders' Guild Press for their initiative, and am pleased to be a part of it.”

Sharon Muir Watson, author of The Colour of Courage.

“I had self-published my book and sold over 2000 copies in Australia.  There was a lot of interest from overseas visitors and I needed a way to tap into the vast world market, but currency conversion, lack of credit card facilities, time and money, were barriers.  The Long Riders' Guild Press published a special edition for me that was part of an equestrian travel collection.  This new edition benefits from the collective marketing.  I am now making extra money from my book that I otherwise would not have had."

David Gray, co-author of Mounted Archery in the Americas

“It seems to me that the Long Riders’ Guild Press holds a publishing vision which is like a great flame dramatizing the actions of equestrian adventures as well as penetrating the inner experience of the riders.  The publishers, CuChullaine and Basha O’Reilly not only empathize with and encourage the authors of these accounts, but they have lived their own long-ride episodes and have plans for even more daring rides.  I believe this is why they immediately sensed the joy, excitement, and significance of rediscovering mounted archery and the importance of telling that story in the Equestrian Wisdom and History Series.  Their dealings with me were direct, extremely respectful, clear, inspiring, and they were always easily available. And what a pleasant discovery that their measurement of worth is the inherent value of the story rather than the commercial potential. We of course join others in commending the Print-on-Demand technology.  Long live the Long Riders’ Guild!” 

Jeremy James, author of Debt of Honour, Saddletramp, The Byerley Turk, Vagabond and The Tippling Philosopher.


“So you slog around trying to nose out a publisher or to snout out The Mighty One, THE LITERARY AGENT, the Unapproachable, The Hallowed Buffer, HE – or SHE – for whom a little display of courtesy or good manners are too low to stoop – and what do you find?

You will eventually find a publisher who will – if you are patient – publish your work.

Throw your hat over the pub!

Marvellous.  Have a beer.  Have ten.

But as the process comes to fruition, you begin to realise something.

As the book takes shape in its hardback form, you start to comprehend that the publisher isn’t interested in your silly book.  He’s not even interested in you.  All he cares about is the line of figures at the end of the column when your 3,000 print run has come to an end.  Then he can slip in the next mug’s 3,000 print run and keep his lists fresh.

And you?

All your hard work?

Ta-ta, cheerio, toodle-oo, chin-chin.

Off you go, publisher fodder, trot out your next book and start all over again.

So imagine what it’s like finding a publisher who does not do that.  Who does not go for the bottom dollar for you and the top dollar for himself.  One who looks at a book for what the book is worth for its own sake.

These days, that is nothing short of revolutionary.

That type of publisher doesn’t labotomise your Great Work without your knowledge or consent.  He takes the trouble to do something extraordinary:  he asks what you meant by such and such.  And then with your permission – note, extremely rarely asked – he will invite you to recast it.  So what do you have left at the end of this process?  Your book, exactly as you wrote it.  And that is truly stunning.

Welcome to The Long Riders' Guild Press where integrity is the key.”

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