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Travel is not just moving over the earth from one place to another in some kind of conveyance. Itís not about where youíre going or how youíre getting there. Travel is a metaphor for life, a way of experiencing it more intensely. It is not so much an action as an enlightened state of consciousness which opens you to a fresh look at the world and yourself.

Ed Buryn, vagabond philosopher, sharing his views on travel in 1972.

Moonrise over Antarctica


Caucasian Journey, Negley Farson

Fragile Eden: A Ride through New Zealand, Robin Hanbury-Tenison

Gaucho Laird: the biography of Robert Cunninghame Graham, Jean Cunninghame Graham

Johnny Ginger's Last Ride, Tom Fremantle

Khyber Caravan, Gordon Sinclair

My Khyber Marriage, Morag Murray Abdullah

Mogreb-el-Acksa, Robert Cunninghame  Graham

Mulu:  The Rain Forest, Robin Hanbury-Tenison

On Horseback in Hawaii, Isabella Bird

A Pattern of Peoples, Robin Hanbury-Tenison

A Ride to India, Harry de Windt

The Royal Road to Romance, Richard Halliburton

Saddletramp, Jeremy James

Seven League Boots, Richard Halliburton

A Slice of Spice, Marika Hanbury-Tenison

Spanish Pilgrimage: A Canter to St. James, Robin Hanbury-Tenison

A Traveller on Horseback, Christina Dodwell

Turkestan Solo, Ella Maillart

Unbeaten Tracks in Japan, Isabella Bird

Vagabond, Jeremy James

White Horses over France, Robin Hanbury-Tenison


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