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Voices of Exploration

Regardless of where we were born, mankind’s urge to explore transcends all differences of nationality and faith. It remains an emblem of universality deserving of a wider global study.

Ironically, though the public has long yearned for fresh voices who could share their hard-won wisdom, in the corporate-dominated world, where finances always come first, meaningful dialogue with the world’s leading explorers has been passed over in preference to slick ads and predictable yearly awards.

The Voices of Exploration project is designed to be an ever-expanding data bank of interviews and wisdom.

A Fellow of both the Royal Geographical Society and the Explorers Club, Basha O'Reilly has launched a programme entitled “Voices of Exploration,” wherein she will be interviewing the elder statesmen, the rising stars, the famous, the obscure, the forgotten, the knowledgeable and the deserving voices of exploration. 

The VoE programme will feature a world exclusive interview, hosted by Basha, on Mikael Strandberg's blog every month.  The majority of the questions will remain the same, though each interview will focus on that explorer’s speciality.  All of the interviews will be publicly available on Mikael’s blog and this website, so as to ensure that this valuable open-source collection of exploration oral history is preserved for future generations.

At the request of her host, friend and fellow Long Rider, Mikael Strandberg, the normally very private Basha has agreed to be the first Voice of Exploration featured in the exciting new programme. 

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