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"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." 

Saint Augustine (354-430 A.D.)

Classic Travel Books

Welcome to Classic Travel Books, a literary prototype for a new 21st century search for knowledge. 
Here at CTB you will discover an ever growing source of travel-related literary wisdom written by great travel writers past and present. This collection represents a micro-targeted publishing effort, one which allows you the reader to view photos and biographies of the world's great travellers and then view their important books, all at one central location.
In addition to protecting, publishing and promoting these exotic travel accounts, Classic Travel Books represents a unique internet-based community where writers and readers join forces in an exciting new concept called participant publishing.

Many of the travel writers featured on this website maintain websites of their own. By following the links provided on CTB, you the reader can order autographed copies of their books, learn about the author's forthcoming writing projects, and find out where they will next be lecturing and travelling. Thus, when you purchase a CTB book you're either helping support the literary legacy of a living author or working to preserve the works of great travel authors from the past.

Finally, unlike traditional publishing methods which print books and then eventually pulp them, thus causing needless destruction of trees and paper, we proudly tell our readers that “not a twig is wasted” here at CTB.  That is because our POD publishing system is so environmentally friendly.   Since every title is printed as and when it is needed, every Classic Travel Book is a wanted book. There are never too many, yet we never run out of stock.  When you buy a CTB travel book you’re not just supporting the author, you’re helping the planet too.


We have launched a programme entitled “Voices of Exploration,” wherein Basha O'Reilly will be interviewing the elder statesmen, the rising stars, the famous, the obscure, the forgotten, the knowledgeable and the deserving voices of exploration. 


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